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Cherish the Earth and Her Children

Happy Holidays from the Earth Harmony Foundation. This picture shares the joy we feel to be able to connect people and dreams. We are volunteers who have been delivering food and flower donations from Sherman Oaks Whole Foods and Trader Joes to many wonderful locations now for over 10 years, including Bernardi Senior Center, Hope of the Valley, 1st Lutheran Church, Wildlife Waystation, Aetna Street homeless encampment and many other sites.

The Earth Harmony Foundation was started in 1996 by Judi Chase and Gary ‘Dov’ Gertzweig in order to continue and proclaim develop The Spirit of Rio Earth Summit.
This bold and colorful gathering was held in 1992 in Rio De Janiero, where Dov and Judi attended and they joined hands with 30,000 other citizen activists from around the world dedicated to forging a new path of sustainability and earth stewardship in order to ensure biodiversity, and planetary health and harmony for the future generations.

Earth Harmony Foundation Interview – Dov, Judi, & Irene

The tremendous collective consciousness and overwhelming passion for the preservation of earth’s pristine beauty was a tall order, so Dov started out with a tall vision, the painting of the ‘Earth Day Every Day’ mural on Sherman Way in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles in order to declare in a simple message of the sentiment that was evident to all who attended. This mural has been maintained for the past 24 years with that message, and is now developing into a pocket park, with Avocado trees to grow food for those in need and milkweed to establish a monarch butterfly sanctuary.

The mural shouts in the midst of a city that we ought not to let our world become too polluted or to let nature be drowned out by the detrimental effects of a modern world, and to inspire a movement towards clean energy, responsible living, environmental awareness, eco-system protection and sustainable business enterprise.

Even without funding, other projects were started utilizing volunteers and in kind donations order to undertake any projects that were possible within our local area to fill in the cracks, so to speak and be of service to the community where private business or government were not able to meet regarding care for the future of the planet.
The earth day mural led to many other school and community murals and the Seeds of Peace Murals Program where school children are given the chance to paint their artistic vision through including a seed of peace for their community. As well, the foundation has conducted tree planting projects, supported the healing of Veterans, Protected a delicate coral system, advocated for the rights of foster children, and brought music and art representing global harmony into the world.

A recent major effort by the Foundation has been to operate a food distribution program, where each day of the week, healthy food that would otherwise be wasted is picked up and delivered to those in need and to homeless shelters as well as being used in the Backpacks of Love program to be given out at a ‘breakfasts for the homeless’ program.
We hope you feel motivated to support our work with a donation, so we can expand these programs where needed, or become inspired to start your own projects to improve the community you live in.

Board of Directors

Founders: Judi Chase and David Chase, Gary ‘Dov’ Gertzweig
President / Executive Director: Judi Amber Chase, Chair, International Children’s Rights Committee
Vice President / Operations Director: Gary ‘Dov’ Gertzweig, Chair – Voices of the World Concerts, Seeds of Peace Mural Project, Puna Lava Investigative Committee
Treasurer: Kathleen Rosenblatt, Chair Veterans Projects
Secretary: Irene Chambers

Puna Advisory Board Members:

Director of Puna Housing Restoration Project/ Beauty From Ashes – Garry Hoffeld

Director of Hawaiian Cultural Projects: Samuel Kelihoomalu

Director of Puna Projects: Stacey Welch

C0-Directors of Puna Housing Restoration Project: Annette O’Toole, Jonathon Winterbottom

Los Angeles Advisory Board and Volunteer Team:

Nick Pinto

Dave Norwoods

Craig Moore


Devorah Herberg

Jerry Rector

Irene Chambers

Judi Amber Chase

Kathleen Rosenblatt

Thank you to Laurie Kroft at Hope of the Valley
Stephanie at the the Bernardi Senior Center in Van Nuys

and our sponsors

Whole Foods Markets
Trader Joes Markets


  • Kenneth Gertzweig thank you for support now in memoriam –

The Earth Harmony Foundation has been active in the Los Angeles area, initiating and carrying out the following Community projects:

  1. The creation of numerous Nature Murals, designed and painted at Preschools and Foster Care Agencies, on retirement home walls and alleys, and upon other neighborhood city walls adding beauty and inspiring visions and eradicating and preventing graffiti. (Through artist Dov, Co-Founder of the Foundation) One project was a vast alley-way improvement endeavor, called ‘Seeds of Peace Mural Project’ funded by the L.A. City Council and incorporating two elementary school teachers and their classes from Kittridge Elementary School, North Hollywood, CA to paint come up with their own design and paint it in parts of the mural.

  2. Provided Solatube skylights, floors and floor coverings for a preschool.

  3. Donated playground equipment and overhead coverings to children’s preschools and playground.

  4. Planted oak trees in various city locations

  5. Formed The International Children’s Rights Committee and embarked upon the ‘Every Child Safe’ public awareness campaign and ‘The Every Child is Everyone’s Child Campaign’ to raise awareness on ending global child trafficking. Co-chair has traveled to Washington DC to meet with members of the Senate Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus, and testified at the Little Hoover Commission Hearings on “Improved Outcomes For Foster Children.”

  6. Global Children’s Rights anthem, ‘Every Child is Everyone’s Child’ was performed at the Los Angeles Child and Family Services annual 2005 fundraiser at the House of Blues. The song was also played at the Close of a Congressional Hearing on Child Protective Services Issues.

  7. Provided Singing Story Theater Programs for underprivileged and special needs children

  8. Created Harmony Haven Children’s Home for foster/adoptive children born drug exposed with Special Needs and orphaned children.

  9. Assisted in bringing supplies to an orphanage in Peru. Also donated financial assistance to a Peruvian Child, which paid for necessary surgery to save the child’s life after a tumor was discovered, and the child lived.

  10. Assisted in producing special events and speaking programs for ‘The Whole Life Expo, a Major Health and Education Exposition in Ten US Cities_

  11. Assisted in collecting Christmas drive canned food donations to underprivileged families through the Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC) serving several thousand families in the San Fernando Valley in California, while presenting musical sing along performances.

  12. Removed hundreds of yards of old rusted barbed wire from state park providing safety and free range for animals and humans._

  13. Assisted in Beautifying LA City Public Schools, Grant High School and Kittridge Elementary School with murals_

  14. The Environmental Action Committee of the Foundation received an NMF Grant for $3,500 to plant 21 large trees along a major LA Thoroughfare. Rallied Community support, volunteers and resources to schedule planting, purchase trees, and care for them for them, working in partnership with Tree People. An additional 40 trees were planted in the same area as part of a separate program through the same partnership of Earth Harmony Foundation/LA City Council offices.

  15. Developed a Brainwave EEG Biofeedback program designed to serve the needs of special needs children diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder, Autism, ADHD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Learning Disabilities, and children within the foster care system. The Foundation has purchased equipment and participated in a training and research with EEG Spectrum.

  16. Performance of children’s songs and entertainment for 2005 Worldfest and other community events, such as LA City Council Christmas Fair at Victory-Vanowen Park in North Hollywood.

  17. Created the Backpacks of Love Project designed as gifts for underprivileged and orphaned children, containing musical instruments, art supplies, hygiene items, healthy snacks, and a heart shaped pillow. This program is currently in development to be provided to foster children.The Earth Harmony Foundation.

Cherish the Earth and Her Children

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