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Thank you… for your tax-deductible gift

We are reaching out to you and asking you to support the work of The Earth Harmony Foundation with your tax deductible contribution.

Each year, the mural project has been expanding, reaching new schools, and sharing positive and uplifting artistic visions with large numbers of children. This past year, foundation artists worked at 4 different LAUSD schools, on more than 30 walls, including Coldwater Elementary School, Haddon Elementary School, and Victory and Saticoy Elementary Schools, all in the San Fernando Valley, CA.

Over the past few years, Los Angeles City Council District #2 and the L.A. Cultural Arts Committee commissioned The Earth Harmony Foundation to create four separate school mural projects and a large community mural which allowed school children to participate in painting and transforming their schools as well as a blighted, gang-graffiti laden parking lot into an local cultural beacon of hope and inspiration. This is depicted in the LA Times article and photo below.

The school principals have been very appreciative of these projects and the transformation of their schools as expressed in the following quote by Roger Avila, Principal, Saticoy Elementary School, 7850 Ethel Avenue.

The Earth Harmony Foundation Seeds of Peace murals have been an uplifting addition to our school community. In light of what is happening in our world, the message of PEACE has never been more important than it is today. Simply, the MLK Jr. mural is significant in light of his original dream speech… Our students are faced with violence often . . . peace MUST be ever-present. Our murals remind them that PEACE conquers all forms of violence. Those murals are a treasure in our school world. Thank you for promoting peace and for giving us your talents.

The Seeds of Peace Mural project has now expanded to include new themes such as

  1. Think Like a Champion, which empowers students and their teachers to achieve their highest potential by creating an inspiring school climate through the many murals depicting champion character traits
  2. Environmental Stewardship, which includes earth day every day, solar panel and wind energy themes
  3. Healthy Nutrition, a mural depicting children working in their garden in space to giant grow fruits and vegetables’, etc.

New murals for 2010 are already commissioned and scheduled, including a call yesterday to expand some of the projects. However in order to properly fulfill the needs of the expanded mural project, we need your financial support and assistance.

At this time we are doing a fundraising request in order to purchase a new van for the project to carry paints, supplies, lights and ladders. Up to this time, a small vehicle had been used by the Foundation, with supplies stored in the trunk of the car, but this is no longer adequate.

Certain equipment, such as boxes of paints, ladders, and lights etc. would easily fit in a Van or other work-type vehicle. Our goal is to raise at least $3,000 to purchase a new vehicle. With your help we can make this happen. Thank you to those that have already contributed.

Again, please take the opportunity to receive a tax deduction by supporting the Seeds of Peace Mural Project. If the present is not opportune for you to donate, please consider donating at another time.

Again, wishing you all the best for the new year and new decade!
May it be a year of Harmony on Earth!

Yours in Service to the Earth and her Children,

Judi Amber Chase – President / Fundraising Director
Gary Dov Gertzweig – Vice-President

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