Kapoho, Leilani Estates, Big Island of Hawaii

Sadly, Kapho Bay was destroyed by the May 3, 2018 Lava Eruption erupting from the Leilani Estates general area.It was a wildlife sanctuary, home to beautiful corals and fish and a place of peace and tranquility for locals and visitors from all over the world.

Over 700 homes were destroyed, from these lava flows, including all of Kopoho and Vacationland, and hundreds in Leilani Estates. Farmlands were destroyed, and people had to evacuate, most, never to return to the life they chose and created for themselves.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Kapoho Bay, the Hot Ponds, and the homes and lives uprooted by the devastating lava flows.

This page is also home to this FOIA requested by The Earth Harmony Foundation in regards to the LAVA outbreaks starting May 3, 2018 in Leilani Estates, Big Island of Hawaii .

Pele is the source to Hawaiians of the not only the creation of the lands, but a symbol of the delicate balance of nature.

For thousands of years Pele has flowed, and still culture has existed hand in hand, side by side.

This lava flow, however, showed signs unlike others.

  1. It generated a fast moving river of lava, 17 miles per hour, taking everything in its path to the ocean. if this occurred before, there would be proof, a dried up lava river bed somewhere in the area. instead we see the flows from the past, but nothing like what has recently occurred out of Leilani Estates.
  2. A recent lava  flow stopped shy of the Recycling Station, leaving Pahoa in tact. Almost as if Pele was aware of the effort made to live in harmony with recycling.

Curiously, a Geothermal Power Plant is located exactly at the epicenter of this most recent lava flow. This plant has been drilling for over two decades up to 16 wells, up to 2 miles deep into the lava.’

It actually broke into the lava itself.

This PGV was in some respects, an experiment, as drilling into an active volcano was unprecedented.

Silica from the hot brine lake ended up attaching itself to the pipes, requiring extra drilling, retracting of pipes, additional upheaval and disturbances to an already fragile structure.

the injections of water back into the fragile rock structure created thousands of small earthquakes, however all of the drilling was permitted.

The “Earth Harmony Foundation applied for and received a FOIA request from EPA in San Francisco, and the information revealed the following

  1. …Large faults interact to produce local areas of stress transfer that lead to fracturing and permeable networks; these networks allow for high-temperature hydrothermal circulation.’
  2. …The most extraordinary geologic aspect of the Puna geothermal field is the confirmed presence of dacitic magma at approximately 2.5 km depth (Marsh et al., 2008; Teplow et al., 2008). The magma was discovered during routine drilling at PGV. The drill team inadvertently drilled into active magma, which repeatedly oozed up the well bore while the drill bit was withdrawn and relowered; drilling was stopped when clear glass chips came out as cuttings. The magma demonstrates both the unpredictable nature of this system and, perhaps, an explanation for the local high heat levels. Much work remains in terms of discovering the source of the magma, and we intend our contribution to be towards understanding the structure that encouraged the magma to accumulate and differentiate under the Puna geothermal field.
  3. She also shows a correlation between the injections by PGV and earthquakes, of which over 6,000 mostly small were detected.


Below are links to the response letter and the information made available and granted  from the EPA including information pertaining to the operations and a report by Dr. Catherine Kenedi where she reports her findings…

The question has been presented to most local and Federal and State officials. Was there a connection between the drilling, injecting and significant disturbances generated by PGV as it sought to produce electricity, and the lava outbreaks, the 25 fissures within a mile of its location?


Other-20180810135938-EPA-R9-2018-009486 release letter 08.10.18


FOIA Response Material for EPA-R9-2018-009486

Below is a link to a video about Kapoha Bay….





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