Plugging in to Solar Power

Plugging in to Solar Power

So Solar is happening on so many fronts, from space, to planes, to our traffic lights, to a panel on some cars….
but is it really as developed as it could be?
We know other Countries like Germany have made wide use of solar technology, but it still seems there is great potential here in the US. Many government buildings don’t have it, post offices, schools, hospitals and nursing homes, churches, park buildings, everywhere there is a great potential to fill in the missing pieces and approach what is possible.
Perhaps the advancement of Solar Energy has helped to slow down climate change, and there is more progress possible.

This would greatly reduce oil and gas production and use and pollution, which would lead to cleaner air, etc,

What is the role of Government to make this a priority, and support the installation on households and businesses where costs are a factor?
How can the whole thing be easier?

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