Veterans Stress Relief


Vols. I & II $15
by: Kathleen Ferrick Rosenblatt

Practical advice, guided imagery & breath sensation to help normalize biochemical imbalances, reprogram negative patterns, release endorphin’s, achieve emotional readjustment, with innovative self-help exercises to improve focus and well-being.
War on the brain
Cellular Meditation is about getting endorphin’s, our own feel-good chemicals into ALL THE CELLS OF THE BODY–sensing them from inside via our breath. Since we are 99.9% pure air and energy, we can finally taste our real make-up. Based on physiology and neurochemistry, Dr. Kathleen guides us to better understand the power we have over our own thoughts and emotions. Science now validates the conscious mind’s ability to alter neuro-peptides. Many Veterans groups are seeking funding to make these CDs available to large groups. Our non-profit Earth Harmony can accept tax deductible donations to make this happen.

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Dr. Rosenblatt is co-founder of the first acupuncture clinic in the U.S. at UCLA. In private practice at Cedars Sinai, Clinical Psychologists Suite 920 East Tower, she has successfully treated serious depression with acupuncture and electro-magnetic pulse stimulus. These CDs are adjuncts to conventional & complementary therapies, to help Veterans and civilians who have any degree of post traumatic stress. She draws upon her Christian upbringing and research for her book, Rene Daumal: The Life and Work of a Mystic Guide (Paris, France & SUNY Press), about ancient eastern mind/body healing, that have all contributed to her original form of therapy. Eight morning & eight evening listenings help the individual connect with his/her body’s neurotransmitters. The CDs’ attitude and mindfulness counseling can be listened to anytime even without total quiet and focus. VETS STRESS RELEASE CELLULAR ACUPUNCTURE CELLULAR MEDITATION.

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As we live in a stressful environment filled with physical and emotional toxins, we have to keep our heads and bodies together, by strengthening our coping mechanisms, our immune systems & our connection to Spirit. This means going to the cellular level of our emotional & physical chemistry… and beyond. Earth Harmony Foundation has now branched out to help Veterans and all suffering individuals by supporting cutting edge healing processes. Our warriors are facing horrific challenges and high level toxins in the current war zones. So their trauma levels are overwhelming. We are reaching out to the military to help them recover, reconnect and reintegrate into civilian life by offering two forms of balancing treatment: Enhanced Acupuncture treatment for pain and PTSD, and a specially designed Stress Release double CD. We ask for funding to make these treatments available and thus reduce the rising costs of pain/depression medications that only mask the symptoms. Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt is the Earth Harmony Adjunct for Health and Community Outreach.

CELLULAR ACUPUNCTURE FOR MIND & BODY Cellular Acupuncture is a program for releasing deep-seated anxiety and depression through a combination of:

1) Acupuncture treatment especially treating the ear as an outcropping of the brain to access the brain centers.
2) Pulsed Electro-magnetic Field Stimulator (PEMF)
3) Deep-state endorphin release, achieved through herbs, specialized massage, breathing/sensation techniques, verbal programming, and other modalities.

Acupuncture point combinations have been discovered for opening up frozen chakras–stimulating bio-energy frequencies that can help “teach” traumatized cells how to unlearn most dysfunctional reactions and states such as fear, demoralization, inflammation, toxification, and overall systems blockage. This treatment affects trauma, anxiety and depression by helping to dissipate intracellular energy trauma and revitalize subcellular metabolism. More importantly, it is possible to heal ancestral, genetic emotional trauma—the psychic pain that we have inherited from generations of suppression. Genetic studies reveal that we still carry the emotional scars of our forefathers in the DNA of our mitochondria. This DNA, in contrast to the DNA in our cellular nuclei, is in fact accessible and re-programmable. This is a huge breakthrough in our understanding of the alterability of our genetic make-up. (It must be added that we also carry the DNA from a previous era when our ancestors built open cities, not fortresses— and sharing, not conflict, was the order of the day. Will we ever return to that era of abundance for all?)

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VETERANS STRESS RELEASE Vols I & II for Vets CELLULAR MEDITATION Vols I & II for Civilians The Stress Release CDs contain the latest findings about the interface between physical, mental, and emotional energies, and how the health of each is dependent on the other physiologically. The directed focusing helps to release endorphins (our “natural high” hormones) into the hundred receptor sites in each of our 10 trillion cells. The Cellular Meditation double CDs each include two morning and two evening meditations. In them Dr. Rosenblatt shares methods to empower the individual to activate:

1) The emotional center.
2) The cognitive brain.
3) The re-igniting of our attention and will.

Each segment contains practical applications for harnessing our capacity for joy: ways to focus attention and reprogram negative patterns in order to achieve emotional readjustment, as well as physical exercises to reroute the negative tensions that collect in the solar plexus. The evening segments are aimed at preparing for the night cycle: to recharge all our cylinders during the night and achieve restorative sleep. The aim is to undo the tight constriction of our nerve & muscle tissue in order to feel the delicious airy, liquidy sensation of our ongoing inner, vibrating cellular processes. According to Einstein, our bodies are 99.9% empty space filled with energy and oxygen, so we can feel these vibrating bubbles through focused, deliberate breathing. Respiration is Re-Spiriting. Dr. Kathleen gently leads the listener into an enhanced state by breathing with attention, feeling the spirit or Chi and the endorphin’s entering their receptor sites, making us feel GOOD. The neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin replace the worry chemicals like adrenalin and cortisol. full body holding headWe need to store up the last two to power us for the long haul and not waste them on worry and pressure. As researcher Candice Pert titles her last book: Your Body is your Subconscious, we need to reintegrate with our whole cellular body to really know and affect our Mind. That is message of the CDs. Kathleen Rosenblatt and her husband, Steven Rosenblatt M.D. PhD. were The pioneers starting the first Acupuncture clinic in the country at UCLA in 1973, after studies in ChinaTown and Hong Kong. They launched licensing in the first five states and started the first schools–in Boston, L.A, San Diego, and Tel Aviv. Kathleen was the first acupuncturist in Santa Barbara and held classes at Cottage Hospital and SB City College. Steven earned the first doctoral thesis ever on Acupuncture in 1978 and demonstrated its effects on brain waves, a study which is still referenced today. It showed how certain energizing points can stimulate Beta waves, while other sedating points can induce relaxed Alpha waves. Research has continued to support this and many other effects of acupuncture on the mind and emotions. Kathleen was educated by Franciscans and Jesuits, graduating Magna cum Laude and earning an NDEA scholarship to the University of Connecticut. Her studies of traditional cultures and religions have influenced her science & art of healing. Her doctoral thesis in Comparative Literature became a book, Rene Daumal, The Life and Work of a Mystic Guide, published in Paris in 1992 and by SUNY Press in 1999. This effort took two decades and exposed her to many ancient forms of healing knowledge. She studied with curanderas in Mexico and extensively with Carlos Castaneda in the 1980s. Kathleen has had exhibits of her paintings in Mexico, England, Martinique, and Grenada West Indies. She is also a musician whose piano music appears on the CD. Dr Rosenblatt’s study of Chinese medicine, cutting edge neuro-physics, the philosophies of many ancient cultures, and her own personal breakthrough experiences have led her to create an original synthesis of easily accessible techniques for breaking through the walls of our mental barriers. When we finally truly inhabit our body by directly sensing our cellular life for the first time, it is sometimes a shocking experience: to feel oneself as one large brain— from head to foot. But with a little inner attention to our breath—this substance that fills most of our cellular space, we start to really feel alive. And we are able to tap the intelligence that resides in every cell, as well as the pleasurable endorphin chemicals that seek out the hundred receptor sites in each cell. In the Self-Healing/Cellular Meditation evenings that she leads, people from 16 to 70+ years of age have experienced the chance to change their state within moments. It is satisfying to see young people ‘get high’ naturally, learning that they have the ability to induce a state of high energy and well-being via some simple steps. In her acupuncture practice in a clinical psychologist’s office at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, she specialize in depression and anxiety, along with internal disorders and inflammatory conditions. Kathleen applies these pleasure inducing techniques during the treatment where appropriate and instructs the patient how to customize the best ones for one’s life.camo holding head

Kathleen believes that the mind extends from the head to the toes, via the endorphin system so that the mind and body are literally ONE. Health can only be found in the totality of one’s being. Dr. Rosenblatt focuses on the underlying cause of inappropriate stress response and addictive behaviors. She draws from her book which contains material from centuries of Hindu philosophy and from the twentieth century’s best spiritual guides. She has applied many of the theories about spiritual evolution learned from Daumal and the Hindu masters to help patients find immediate relief by learning to stimulate the endorphin network, balance the neruo-transmitters, and experience a deep sense of reunification of the mind, body, and emotional centers. She explains how to harness the radiant energy that bathes every cell of our psycho-neuro-immune system. From these many sources, she has brought together the best mind-body knowledge and taken the difficulty out of meditation. The patient can visualize the workings of the pleasurable mental and emotional centers that exist throughout the body. Dr. Rosenblatt inspires us to nurture our physical body/mind and enhance our self knowledge.

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