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Earth Harmony Foundation Newsletter

Earth Harmony Foundation Newsletter

We are a Los Angeles based group of Artists, Musicians, Actors and Activists who feel compelled to contribute in ways both locally and worldwide to make the world better, so that many more people can experience joy, peace, happiness, and rise above poverty and stress. We use our creativity, our resources and our love to take action where it is needed.

Our vision includes a world that is healthy and wealthy. Nature provides abundance and beauty and inspiration. Our projects rise to meet the needs of a changing world. We partner with other organizations to create immediate and powerful solutions.

1. We have worked with Whole Foods Markets and Trader Joes Markets to distribute food that would otherwise be wasted to hungry and homeless people daily for over 6 years.
2. We have created dozens of ‘Earth Day’ Murals and ‘Seeds of Peace’ Murals in neighborhood alleys to deter graffiti and at LAUSD Schools to promote Peace, Environmental Stewardship and Harmony.
3. We have donated to indigenous tribes, planted trees, created native plant gardens and spoken out for many causes including solar energy, child safety, climate solutions, forest preservation, etc.
4. We have created songs, music, and children’s songs to inspire and educated about climate solutions.

Our newest project is called
‘Climate Solution’


The Fourth National Climate Assessment has been released on Nov. 23, 2018 and it sites many risks becoming more apparent. This report indicts humans as culpable for extreme climate variation from what would be termed normal. Nature is being stretched to a state where all of life is undergoing radical change.

The Earth Harmony Foundation has been working on this issue as has many other organizations. We have a five point climate solution memo at this page as well as the full National Climate Assessment and other solutions.



The Earth Harmony Foundation – A Non-Profit Foundation


Mission Statement:

Serve the Community … Heal the World

The Earth Harmony Foundation is a non-profit educational, environmental, and humanitarian organization dedicated to Planetary Healing, Earth Stewardship, Sustainability, and Global Harmony. EHF is dedicated to protecting and cherishing the world’s children, and to preserving Earth’s pristine beauty for generations to come, as well as healing and enhancing the lives of the disenfranchised, including Veterans. EHF utilizes music and the arts to educate, and empower youth and world citizens to live peacefully and harmoniously with nature and to Treasure it Wild!


    Promoting the GLOBAL COMMUNITY by helping the world’s PEACEMAKERS and healing the world’s WARRIORS, all while supporting the ecological health of planet Earth.


    Advocating for the HEALTH OF OUR VETERANS in both mind and body through Acupuncture and Stress Relief Meditation. Supporting their transition into civilian life through the therapeutic effects of music and art.


    Reviving ART EDUCATION for Children through the creation of WALL MURALS expressing Environmental Healing of the Planet and Peace between individuals and countries.


    Restoring MUSIC EDUCATION for Children and Music Healing for Veterans through CONCERTS and GROUP PLAYING to foster Earth Connection.


    Engaging Children, Veterans and all Adults in GREENING CITIES with tree plantings and gardens.


    Establishing HARMONY HAVEN ADOPTIVE HOMES for orphaned drug babies born with special needs.


    Protecting Forests, wilderness, & animals by creating, EARTH HARMONY PARKS and Earth Harmony Murals, for future generations.


    Advocating for the RIGHTS OF ALL CHILDREN to grow up safely and peacefully without being subjected to trafficking, exploitation, and abuse.


    Educating Youth and community groups about EARTH STEWARDSHIP, renewable energy, and sustainable living so they may inherit a healthy habitable planet.


    Creating a world that cherishes the earth and our interconnectedness; working towards creating ECO-ARTS NATURE CAMPS to nurture children’s creativity, facilitating youth leadership training in global stewardship, and fostering reverence for nature.


    Providing food to the underprivileged through the Earth Harmony-Trader Joe’s-Whole Foods FOOD PROJECT.


    Cultivating an appreciation for music and the PERFORMING AND VISUAL ARTS to HEAL CHILDHOOD STRESS ISSUES and raise ecological awareness. We promote peace and GLOBAL HARMONY on Planet Earth.

Dedicated to protecting the world’s children, promoting peace, global harmony, earth stewardship & respect for all life!

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