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Judi Amber Chase: Co-Founder & President
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The Earth Harmony Foundation - A Non-profit 501c3 Foundation

Mission Statement

PROMOTING: Global community, world peace, the restoration and healing transformation of planet Earth

ESTABLISHING:Uplifting Environmental and Peace Murals, Concerts and Music to foster Earth Connection, Greening Cities with tree plantings, gardens, and establishing Harmony Haven adoptive homes for orphaned drug babies born with special needs.

PROTECTING: Forests, wilderness, & animals by creating, Earth Harmony Parks and Earth Harmony Murals, for future generations.

ADVOCATING: For the rights of all children to grow up safely and peacefully without being subjected to trafficking, exploitation and abuse.

EDUCATING: Youth and community groups about earth stewardship, renewable energy and sustainable living so they may inherit a healthy, habitable planet.

CREATING: A world that cherishes the earth, and our interconnectedness, working towards creating eco-arts Nature Camps to nurture children's creativity and facilitate youth leadership training in global stewardship, fostering reverence for nature.

CULTIVATING: An appreciation for music and the performing and visual arts to raise ecological awareness, promote peace and global harmony on Planet Earth.

The Earth Harmony Foundation is a non-profit educational, environmental, and humanitarian organization dedicated to protecting and cherishing the world's children, and to preserving Earth's pristine beauty for the children of the future, utilizing music and the arts, to educate, and empower youth and world citizens to live peacefully and harmoniously with nature and to Treasure it Wild!


Dedicated to protecting the world's children, promoting peace, global harmony, earth stewardship & respect for all life






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Spend a luxurious weekend at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and watch the Grammys in an exclusive hotel showing. Then attend the A-List Grammy AFTER PARTY and party til dawn! Your contribution to the following passionate Cause will be well rewarded !!

PTSD Pioneer Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt asks for help to support Veterans with PTSD and the families of fallen Veterans in Southern California. Valentines Day is the day of the Heart. And the heart IS the physical center of our emotional wellbeing. ''Soldiers Heart'' was the Civil War term for shell shock or PTSD. SoldiersHeart.org addresses the spiritual wounds of Veterans and their families by developing a new and honorable warrior identity supported by community.

Dr. Kathleen joins with this online charity site CHARITYBUZZ.com and EarthHarmonyFoundation.org, inviting caring individuals and corporations to help fund her Veterans Stress Relief CDs and stock healing gift baskets for grieving families.


There are 743 Californians who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan wars, leaving behind devastated families. California is home to the largest number of military who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Veterans PTSD practitioner Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt is launching an outreach campaign to deliver Valentines Day gifts to Veterans’ families in Southern California, through HonoringOurFallen.org, a unique support service for Veterans which reaches out to families with gifts and care packages that say ''We remember you and your sacrifice.'' Top donors who bid online at Charitybuzz.com will have the opportunity to participate in Grammy Weekend, here in Hollywood California.

Cellular Meditation Pioneer
Dr. Kathleen is a pioneer in healing programs for Veterans and their families suffering from physical and emotional pain. She will send to SoldiersHeart.org and include in the SoCal baskets copies of her PRACTICAL STRESS RELIEF CELLULAR MEDITATION CDs (Vol. 1 & 2) to benefit Veterans' families and friends who suffer loss and who also feel the indirect trauma of war. In guided relaxation meditations, Dr. Kathleen leads them to gently stimulate the release of endorphins and dopamine—our body's natural ‘feel good’ chemicals—and spread them into receptor sites in EVERY CELL OF THE BODY. The easy self-help exercises and practical tools provide a self-healing empowerment for PTSD, depression, loss, and grief, or to rise from ‘Okay’ to higher states of wellbeing. STRESS RELIEF recordings are available for free listening on her website www.BrainBodyBliss.com. “Thousands of young soldiers are suffering fatal heart attacks from too many meds--for pain and mental suffering. We have to provide another answer.”

Renowned singer/songwriter Graham Nash has contributed generously to Dr. Kathleen’s project of acupuncture and her VETERANS STRESS RELIEF CDs for all Veterans. It complements their on-going therapies and helps them recover from PTSD and restore well-being and good sleep.. She has lectured twice at the Combat Stress Conference about the science behind her work, so many Vets groups request them.

Soldier's Heart, developed by Edward Tick, Ph.D. and Kate Dahlstedt, LMHC, provides a unique and comprehensive model to address the emotional, moral, and spiritual wounds of veterans, their families and communities. It offers a genuine healing and homecoming from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Edward Tick's groundbreaking book, War and the Soul, explores ancient and cross-cultural warrior traditions that reveal the necessities for successful warrior return. The Soldier’s Heart Model facilitates them and applies this model to promote, train, and guide military, professional and community-based efforts to heal the effects of war.
Soldier's Heart is a non-profit 501(c)[3].

Honoring Our Fallen
Honoring Our Fallen (http://honoringourfallen.org) is a unique Veterans support service, providing support for families of fallen military. It was created specifically to aid in the tragic moments of a fallen warrior's return home and to continue support through outreach programs. ?

About Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt
A pioneer in the field of Complementary Medicine, Dr. Kathleen co-founded the first Acupuncture clinic in the U.S at UCLA. Her books on metaphysics, published in Paris and by SUNY Press have influenced her understanding of deep healing of body and mind. She is currently Director of Community Outreach for the Earth Harmony Foundation, founding and managing the organization’s food bank program and the Veterans PTSD Project.

EarthHarmonyFoundation.org is a non-profit educational, environmental, and humanitarian organization dedicated to protecting and cherishing the world's demarginalized, including Veterans, children, and the Earth's pristine health itself. A non-profit 501C3, it will receive and distribute the contributions to SoldiersHeart.org and HonoringOurFallen.org.

To Donate to this Campaign: visit www.charitybuzz.com
To Purchase CDs: BrainBodyBliss.com
Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt drkathleenr@brainbodybliss.com
Elizabeth England, co-director 310-591-0037 or email: wisdomkeeperpublishing@gmail.com

Media Campaign/PR: Conducted by Momentum Media.
Contact: dallas@mesntv.com phone #310-855-4089

To contact Honoring our Fallen:
Laura Herzog
Founder, CEO
Honoring our Fallen
Cell- 714-904-0253
E-mail- laura@honoringourfallen.org

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Board of Directors

Founders: Judi Chase and David Chase, Gary 'Dov' Gertzweig

President/Executive Director: Judi Amber Chase,

Chair, International Children's Rights Committee

Judi Amber Chase, Profile, Bio, Photos

Vice President/ Operations Director: G. D. Gertzweig,

Chair, Seeds of Peace Mural Project,

G. 'Dov' Gertzweig, Profile, Bio, Photos

Treasurer: Nick Pinto

Secretary: Susan Pinto

Co-Directors of Development: Jeff Hutner and Frank Lane

Co-Directors of Fundraising: Judi Chase and Kathleen Rosenblatt


National Advisory Council
Kari Rose
Beth Martin Brown

Shirley Catanzaro

Nils Jiptner
Leorah Sky
Jeff Hutner
Kari Rose
John Rose
Kenneth Gertzweig
Mark Arouh

The Earth Harmony Foundation

Phone/fax (818)-764-2365

Earth Harmony Foundation information : info@earthharmonyfoundation.org

Donations: Donate@EarthHarmonyFoundation.org

Earth Harmony Foundation President, Judi Amber Chase : Judi@earthharmonyfoundation.org

Earth Harmony Foundation Vice President, Dov : Dov@Earthharmonyfoundation.org